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Feeling stiff and sore from sitting at your desk all day? Transform your workday with our exclusive video!

Michelle Owen, a renowned Postural & Structural Specialist, shares simple yet powerful movement tools designed to increase your body awareness and enhance your sense of movement. This ensures smooth body motion and helps prevent stiffness.

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Learn How to Move Skillfully 

Discover how to move skillfully to get motion into your body, pump and hydrate your tissues, and build awareness. Motion is lotion for your body, helping to alleviate stiffness and discomfort.

What’s Inside the Video 

Our 8-minute video includes:

  • Standing and desk exercises
  • Techniques for better body awareness
  • Movements focused on improving motion

Designed for Desk Workers 

This 8 minute video is perfect for anyone who spends long hours sitting. These exercises can be done anytime, anywhere to stay active and pain-free.

My Approach

 My goal is to correct any imbalances, create optimal structural position, and build postural strength so you can maintain new habits long-term. Through the study and application of a range of revolutionary modalities, I’ve developed my own highly specialized approach to postural correction that blends the best of these leading-edge techniques.

Key Benefits

  • Boost Circulation: Enhance blood flow to stay energized.

  • Relieve Tension: Alleviate stress and discomfort.

  • Increase Body Awareness: Develop a better understanding of your body's position and movements.

  • Effective Desk Exercises: Use these skillful tools right at your desk to maintain a pain-free posture and avoid getting stuck.

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